Monday, September 27, 2010

An Inspired Monday

I have a bulletin board set above my bed with pictures, memories and keepsakes tacked to its felt back. This morning as I awoke I turned my head to see one picture and a petal from a precious pressed flower laid neatly across the pillow next to me. The flower I pressed with my Great Grandmother (G.G.) who preserved lots of beautiful roses with me from her garden in Flagstaff. I have kept it as a memory of her since I was young. The other was a photograph of me and my Grandpa at his house in Mesa. I am laying against his blue rocking chair and we are both smiling happily. He used to tell me how beautiful I looked in that photo. My Grandpa loved my blonde hair. He loved my style. He loved who I was and he was always teasing me. "How was Goofy?" he always asked whenever I came back from Disney. Grandpa would always tell me about his friend's daughter who studied abroad in England, and how much he wanted that for me. He would always try to set me up with another friend's son, who had recently returned from a mission. I know G.G. always wanted the best for me too.

Those who have passed on who were dear to us are always watching over us. They want us to make decisions that make us happy. They are aware of our struggles and our pitfalls. Their presence is very real and definable. Such tender mercies, like the picture and the petal, are testaments of our Heavenly Father's love and concern for each one of us. Those were tacked to my wall. And they are the only things that fell, ever so neatly, from my bulletin board.

When you fall, you get back up. Do not dwell. Do not wade in the murky waters of misery. Be strong, be who you are. And let your light so shine.

My support network is so strong and extensive, I can hardly believe it myself. All I have to do is slowly stretch out my hands and a web of love wraps itself tightly around my being. You can have no idea how grateful I am for all of your messages, texts, phone calls, thoughts of love and general support for my well-being and happiness.

Hopefully my story can serve as some sort of inspiration. Happy Monday!

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wllsmichelle said...

Your post today was a tear jerker but I am glad Grandpa and GG are keeping close tabs on you:)