Friday, August 27, 2010

The Young Victoria

I can't even being to explain my love for this movie and my obsession with it. I have a love for English history. It's so colorful and interesting. Maybe I was born in the wrong era?? But I want to be born into English court LOL. The clothes, the color, the over the top everything!

Emily Blunt is incredible in this film.

Do you see this costume?? Do you see it??

They both needed to win awards for their roles.

Love <3

Happy Friday everyone!!


shirley elizabeth said...

Ha sooo...the post you wrote yesterday still showed up in my reader even though it looks like you deleted it. Anyway, I vote Colorado. So beautiful (but it is a little more than a day's drive away.

Whitney said...

Thanks Shirley! I thought I should delete it just in case some one from work happened upon it. You're so sweet!