Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So You Had a Bad Day...

Yeah... I'm kind of sad today. But that's okay, I'll get through it. Thinking maybe writing will help. For those of you who saw the post I deleted-- hope that gave a little further insight. I'm tired of the mundane. I've been working on a POWER POINT for two flippin weeks and nothing else. Sigh. I don't know what to do anymore... I just feel drained. It takes all of my energy to get through each day, knowing that I'm not where I want to be. Believe me-- I'm working on it.

So, you ask, what do you do to feel better Whitney?? Well- I spend lots of playtime with my puppy :) and watch Office episodes! Works wonders! Today I feel like Meredith:

Remember this episode? Michael accidently hits Meredith with his car and then at the hospital they learn she might be at risk for rabies, having been bitten by a bat, cat and rat within the past month. Bahahahah. The picture makes me die laughing.

Also- day 2 of diet. Feeling better today because I've had about five bottles of water! Really helps. My lunch was yummy too actually... 28 more days!

Oh, I forgot to mention that as a way to make myself feel better I also look up puppies for adoption online. Sad!! I really want a friend for Ellie but I need to wait till I move into a house I think. I found one today though. She is half yorkie, half dachshund. Cutest little fluffball I've ever seen! Five months and five pounds. Gonna be a tiny girl. The people who got her can't keep her because she is too wild for their 15-year-old dog. (duh???). LE SIGH I WANT HER. But do you want to see her??
AHHHHH. She's a "dorkie!" I'm obsessing... pray for me. LOL.


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