Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More About Whitney!

So I've done this before on the notorious Facebook "notes" section but I'm extremely bored and feel like laughing at myself.

Did you know...

1. My Gru voice (you should see Despicable Me) is probably the funniest thing you have ever heard. Ask Tanner. He looooooves it.
2. I didn't drink soda on a regular basis for 21 years. Now I have around 2-3 diet cokes a day. Fail.
3. I use men's razors to shave my legs. Thank you Abby.
4. The only way I keep up with news is Twitter. Oh, and CNN, as it is playing all day in the office. I don't like the news. (Why, yes, I am a journalism major, thank you for asking).
5. Why can't I go to a ball and be asked to a waltz?? Stupid century.
6. I make myself laugh more than any other person I know. My goal is to marry some one who beats my record.
7. Those Reese's Whips candy cars are the most glorious thing I have ever tasted.
8. I love the smell of chlorine. And gasoline.
9. I wish there was an actual "Dwight" type-cast person in my office. I would love my life.
10. My love language is communication. If you don't tell me often how you feel, I get sad.
11. I've often thought about a world in which eating pizza makes you lose weight. What a beautiful world that would be.
12. Love letters are my favorite. Send me one sometime. yeah, you.
13. I impress people with my neverending knowledge of meaningless topics. For instance: early 19th century etiquette, wedding planning, Disney attractions and effective social media use.
14. I have enough hair on my head for three ppl. It doesn't look like it at first but every hairdresser has told me this. They get annoyed styling it. Welcome to my life people?!?
15. One time I got grounded from GOING TO SCHOOL because I didn't park over the pan in the driveaway that caught leaking oil. I still wonder about this.
16. I want to be one of those fabulous old ladies who buys the latest and greatest technology, goes cool places with her grandkids and talks dirty. The only problem is, this is WAY cooler than I actually am now.
17. My mom goes to Pei Wei and just eats a plate of edamame. Sorry, I had to share.
18. My idea of a perfect man? Hysterical, intelligent, mature-ish, sweet, goofy, patient and just simply adores me.
19. I have never been in love. This will probably me a one time thing for me.
20. I like to crack people's backs. It is very therapeutic for me.
21. The Office may be the funniest show of all time.
22. I would love to live in another country for a few years.
23. Can't wait for Fall. I love Fall colors, flavors, sights and smells. PUMPKIN.
24. Glasses are hot. Glasses and scruff.
25. I want a dole whip.

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