Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm 22. This is both frightening and extremely exciting. I feel like this is a real adult age. But instead of buckling down, you know what I'm going to do?? Pursue some of these dreams.

But... I've been thinking about it. Do I really want to go back to school? There's another two years and thousands of dollars... I've made it this far without any financial debt from student loans or otherwise. This is an amazing accomplishment and I'm proud of it. If I did go back I would want my Master's in English or Creative Writing. Eventually, I do want to go back to school. Getting my Masters is a real goal of mine. But who says I can't write, collaborate, take some classes and join some writing clubs now? I don't know. Taking the GRE, filling out applications, pulling together references and taking out loans doesn't exactly sound like a lot of fun right now. And if it was what I really wanted, none of these things would matter. It's just not the right time. I'm still sick of school. I think I need some more time away from college so I can really appreciate when I re-enroll.

That being said- what do I really want to do? I'm 22 and not tied down. Now is the time! I can tell you I'd really like to move out of state and find a niche that works for me. You all know my eventual goal is to work for Disney, but that doesn't seem to be working out for me right now.

I know everything will work out in time. There are many possibilities for me, and I'm confident I would do a good job at many of them. In fact, through recent circumstances, (I will share later, I promise)-- now may be the time. If things work out... then HUGE changes could be made!! Ahhh, please cross your fingers for me.
My biggest piece of advice for you out there about to graduate? Follow your heart but do not let discouragement or disappointment keep you from doing whats best for YOU. Your first job may not be everything you thought it would be. You may realize that your major isn't going to fulfill your lifelong goals. Do not give up. Don't worry about money, don't worry about what other people think. Keep your eyes on the skies and press forward. :)

Ellie & I at my birthday luau. She looks like a boy!

P.S. I'm starting a diet tomorrow. 30 days or until I reach my goal. Please pray for me and stay away for 30 days!! HAHAHA.

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