Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrating 22 years of magic!

Today is my 22nd birthday! When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being 22. I knew I would have it all: the car, the life, the looks! I'm not so sure about all of this but I'm excited for this year of my life! I plan on making it a good one. Now, let's celebrate the 22 years I've spent with a few pictures (dedicated to my mommy).

Mom and I at the park! I'm guessing 1-2 years old. She was only 23!

3 years old. Love the 80's glasses mom!

4: doing what I do best. Sleeping.

5 years old. My sister Mary was born this year. Love her! My life definitely wouldn't have been the same without her in it!

6. Mom made us these mermaid costumes out of paper plates.

7 years. Camping with Phylicia!

8. I was baptized this year. Here we're spending time at the creek!

When I was 9 my mom won a trip to Disneyland.

When I turned 10 I went to the Spice Girls concert with my best friend Erika. Here we are at Fuddruckers before the concert.

11 with the cute short hair. Celebrating at the park with Candace.

At 12 my hair turned blonde in the sun and I was soo cute! Here we are at Sea World.

13.. the awkward ugly phase.. skipppp

This is so 15 but let's pretend like it was 14 cause still the ugly phase

At 15

16 years old with Belle and Pixie

Grandpa and I shared birthday celebrations. Here is my 17th.. miss you grandpa <3>18 and graduating from high school!

19 at Disneyland. Enjoying my first year of college.

20 years old at Oregano's. First day of school!

I celebrated my 21st birthday at the Magic Kingdom with my best friends last year.

And now I'm 22 years old!! I'm so ready to make this the best year ever. I want to laugh, love, learn, grow, take chances, make mistakes, learn from them, share my talents and be the best person I can be!

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