Monday, August 16, 2010

Faith & Service

I feel really bad that my last blog post was so negative. It seemed like all of my frustrations, fears and struggles just erupted in one moment. But I feel better today! Thank you for all of your kind words.

I've decided to stop focusing so much on myself and serve others more. Recently I've had a real passion for pet adoption so maybe I'll spend some time at the AZ Humane Society. I need to also focus on my visiting teaching and fulfilling my wonderful calling. I want to attend institute each week and go to the temple more. One moment at a time.

Ellie is my everything. She keeps me going. I don't know how or why I can love her so much, but I do. I'm soo grateful for her in my life.

The main focuses in Whitney Willis' life are: FAITH & SERVICE. I have faith that everything will work out, that my life will take the direction it needs to if I move forward. In the meantime I can draw focus away from my own issues by serving others.


Oh, pictures of Florida and lots of stories soon!!

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