Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's go to... Disneyland!!

I'm driving to Disneyland in T-minus two hours!! I worked like crazy this week so I could leave early today. Today is Shinban's birthday. Happy Birthday! He doesn't know this yet but he will be sporting a birthday button. And will get a birthday dessert. And tonight we are SO going to dinner. YAY!!

First night: Hilton Anaheim

Second night: I don't remember

bahaha. but BEACH on Sunday!

I'm just really antsy right now. I wanna ride the Mattehorn and Indy and Small World and Pirates and Mansion and Big Thunder and Space Mountain and I am freaking out!!

PLUS I'm going again to Disneyland for three days in a few weeks. Da Bomb!

I booked a ticket to fly to Florida in August. It will be really nice to see my girls again. We're doing Disney for a day and then staying in St. Augustine for beach/historical/girls time.

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