Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay so I have only successfully pulled off an all-nighter once! And that was on a plane to England. I am now attempting my second all-nighter. Why, you ask? Well because I have to be at work by FOUR IN THE FREAKING MORNING. Thank you Channel 5 and your pool shoot at my resort. PLUS I may be one of the interviews. Ohhh please let me be coherent. Or somehow get out of it.

As most of you know I REALLY need sleep to survive. Usually 10 plus hours is ideal. And I can nap soo many times. It has been an issue since I got Ellie since she doesn't sleep as much at night but we're adjusting to each other's schedules.

Hmm I need ideas of how to stay awake. It's 8:30 and I'm already falling asleep. Ratatouille is on TV and it is like the cutest movie ever!! The little rat keeps nodding aww. And Ellie is curled up on me so precious.

Anyways, this weekend was AMAZING! I'll post about it later once Shin posts pictures.

I'll keep you posted on the all-nighter. Who thinks I can make it?!? Diet Coke is a must.

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