Sunday, July 25, 2010

Idle Red

So Friday night Alyssa, Staci and I went to Idle Red's CD release show. For those of you who don't know, I've been going to their shows since I was 17 years old! Hard to believe. My aunt Nikki introduced me to the then bass player Chris and we became good friends. He was a real sweetheart! Anyways, he introduced me to his band and I loved it. It was so much fun to go out with the girls and watch their shows! Plus they put on an incredible show and have a very strong fan base. I'm waiting for Mary to email me some old pictures of me and the boys and when I have them I'll put them up. Over the years the band has undergone lots of changes but I feel like now they're stronger than ever. Steve is the lead singer and only existing band member from the original bandmates! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with him this time (the night was sort of crazy) but he is such a stud! He's always been so good to me.

So Friday we head out to Martini Ranch..

I was so excited!

Alyssa is still 20... so we opted to stand on the under 21 side with her! Aww babies.

My two best friends are soo beautiful. Makes me so jealous!

All three of us having a good time.

It was a fun time! And last night we went over to Brendan's for swimming, movie and friends. I'm really grateful for all these amazing people in my life... especially all of my beautiful girl friends who remind me to be the best I can be and are constantly having to put up with my negativity!! Thanks for keeping me in line ladies!


Ashley C. said...

I remember going with you to an Idle Red concert for your birthday! It was definitely fun. :)

Whitney said...

Yes! My 18th birthday I believe... they are definitely lots of fun!