Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blast Into Space

I know you are all probably soo tired of my Disney obsesssion but get used to it! I am going on my fourth (and probably final) Disneyland trip this year next week. But not to worry-- I get a day and a half at Disney World in a few weeks. This time we're going for three whole days so it should be lots of fun. I'm going with my Aunt Nikki, cousins Sarah and Megan, Mary and mom. We have an annual tradition of visiting Disneyland together which started when Sarah was just three! It is a very special trip for all of us... we grow closer, spend time as a family and experience the Disney magic. I love going with the girls-- they are always experiencing something new and never cease to make me laugh. Some of my favorite/most memorable moments with these ladies include:

-Watching Sarah experience the Electrical Light Parade for the first time
-Trying to cheer Sarah up and she cries uncontrollably every time we leave
-Saying "Matterhorn" with Megan
-Riding Space with my mom
-Eating Mickey Mouse pretzels with cheese
-Watching how happy my mom gets when she eats a chocolate milkshake
-Fighting over riding rides with each other
-Sharing time with my sister
-Taking pictures and sharing memories with Nikki
-Running to the bathroom at lightning speed with the girls
-Knowing exactly where every single bathroom in Disneyland is
-Nikki making fun of me for saying the taco salad is "spicy"
-Putting Megan in tall flip flops to get her on the rides (SO not cast member-ly)
-Snuggling at night
-Laughing all day long
-Bonding <3

2006 Fall Disneyland trip- Meggers and I in line for the Haunted Mansion. That is Belle tattoo on my arm... hahah.

Waiting in line for Cali River Rapids with my mom, Megan and sister Mary

Splash Mountain broke down but we were given the option to wait in line for it to be fixed. We opted to do so but kept hearing the song over and over!

Megan's favorite ride.

Sarah, Mary and I. Soul sisters.

On the teacups with little Meggers.

In line for the Haunted Mansion.

Our summer trip in 2007.

We had many magical moments- including storytime with the Mad Hatter!

Sarah & Megan with their cute Pirate Mickey ears. On the tram going to the park!

This picture always makes me laugh. Looks like Sarah is all Disney'd out...

Nikki, mom and Megan on Megan's favorite ride!

These girls make my life complete!
I LOVE my aunt Nikki... kisses from Sarah!

Once again... Space Mountain broke down so we waited!

My mom wrote this poem about our Disneyland trips... I hope she doesn't mind me sharing. You can see how special these mini vacations are to us!

Inside my heart lives...

Looking down Main Street for the first time,

Dipping Mickey Mouse pretzels in cheese,

Glowing pink castle,

Blasting off into space,

Shaking my kidneys,

Getting a Fast Pass with a bonus,

Squirshing Megan,

Tasting frozen Dole Whips,

Waiting in snaking lines,

Shining stars in Neverland,

Getting soaked in the Haunted Mansion,

Watching the perfect parade with Sarah,

Dodging golf balls,

Making the scrunchy face,

Looping upside down,

Eating chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream,

Swimming, just keep swimming,

Lightning before the plunge,

Sharing the park with Heath,

Crying on the last night,

Bonding with daughters and sisters,

Scrapbooking memories,dreaming of the next trip,


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