Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Warm Bed Sheets & Crazy Media Requests

The tourism industry can be slightly ridiculous. Everybody is always trying to come up with the latest and greatest. Some hotels (like the Biltmore and Boulders) do a great job of doing so. They're always seeking out new opportunities to excite people and bring in new guests. Others, like my resorts, have to work really hard to come up with anything new. Always a struggle. Anyways, I was going through my media requests folder (I swear all I do is reactive pitching) and a unique request came up. Literally.

ABC NewsNow is working on a story about hotels and inns that are offering unusual amenities to attract guests. If you have a unique hotel service that you’d like to pitch, please email: blah blah.

They also included an example. For full story, click here. It's a human bed warmer.

"Guests who don’t want to hop into a cold bed at one English hotel now have a novel way to warm up: by enlisting a staff member to do it for them.

The Holiday Inn's Kensington, London, location will offer a free five-minute “human bed warming” service throughout next week, according to Britain's Sky News.

So what does a human bed warmer do? A hotel staffer, dressed from head-to-toe in a white, fleecy getup that looks like a cross between a footed pajama set and a snowsuit, will get into your bed upon request and move around, generating some heat between those chilly sheets."

Only in England. I love them. Bahahaha. So-- would you enlist this free service??


Miss Amy said...

ew. gross British cooties.

McKenzie Hansen Mortensen said...

That's kind of creepy...

K+B said...

HA! Awesome. I wonder why they haven't thought of this before now...Hmmmm