Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am obsessed with Anthropologie. Why can't all clothes speak to me the way the ones in this store does? I walk in and feel like I've finally found myself. Apparently I was born into the wrong generation. The vintage, cool feel makes me all happy inside. Let me share with you a few recent favorites.

This one says "I'll have the strawberry lemonade with ice."
Add a big hat and you have Evita.

Perfect work attire. A white or black cardigan and we're in business.
Oh, and some cute heels.

Yet another summery work dress. Did I mention I love ruffles?

When I am married I am buying all of Anthropologie's slips.
Nothing is sexier than simple and classic.

I think I need this swimsuit.

Ruffles & Unique.

I imagine these shoes being the focus of photos.
Turqoise is growing on me. #1 color for weddings this year.
Who would have thought?

So, in conclusion, I need some one to make these exact same clothes at 1/3 their original cost please. One of these days I'll splurge and treat myself. Until that day I can only dream.

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Lauren said...

Um YES please to every single one! Just wish it wasn't a fortune!