Thursday, June 24, 2010

May the Force be With You

I can't believe I'm dedicating an entire post to this topic. Okay, I totally can. As most of you know I am more than obsessed with Star Wars.

I can't explain to you why it makes me so happy. But it does. The older movies are obviously much more amazing but whatevs I love Gui Gon and a young Obi Wan. The movies remind me of my childhood. They remind me that it's good to be creative, that a seemingly ridiculous movie concept can be gold (I hope it works out this way for me). So when I learned that my two most favorite things in the whole wide world (Disney AND Star Wars) combined efforts for something called "Star Wars Weekends," I about died. Last year I even got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's HOT for a bounty hunter.

Ray Park aka Darth Maul YESS!

Don't act like you're not impressed.

Okay so have you learned a little more about the extent of my nerdiness? Good. Let's continue on a little.

My favorite Jedi in order are:

1. Obi Wan Kenobi, through the entire series. Let's be honest, I love Ewan McGregor so younger Obi Wan kinda wins in my book.

2. Gui Gon Jinn. Okay so Liam is like my favorite actor of all time and simply BAD ASS in the first of the series.

3. Luke Skywalker (I kinda wish Han Solo was an option...)

4. Who can forget Darrrtthhhh Vadddeeerrr??

5. Yoda.

I'm so depressed I didn't get to go this year. Sigh :(


ElkeMerle said...

This is kind of pretty much awesome. I want to take my brother!

Ashley C. said...

That comment was Ashley by the way. :)