Sunday, July 12, 2015


Throughout my life, I haven't trusted my intuition enough. When I was a little girl scribbling down short stories in my room, I knew I was meant to be a writer. I dreamed of going to college and majoring in English Literature, soaking up inspiration and filling my days with my passion. Unfortunately, I listened to outside sources and went for a more "practical major," one that I ended up hating in the end. It just felt wrong. 

The older I grow, the easier it is for me to understand that natural intuition I have, almost like listening to my inner child. 

Last week I seriously considered becoming a consultant for a fashion company I love. It would involve investing thousands of dollars, taking on another full-time job and I just didn't have the room in my life for it. It didn't make sense. 

Last night sweet Khloe handed me a book of cupcake recipes from our bookshelf. I decided I wanted to make every cupcake in that book; one new one a week. This would give me a creative outlet and something to look forward to every week - not to mention all the learning I would gain from using new baking methods! It made sense. 

Yesterday I hosted a LuLaRoe shopping party at my house. I scrubbed the floors, organized the house and made treats. My friends came over and shopped and I earned two free items! It made sense and I felt so loved afterward (albeit exhausted). 

Every since getting my Kindle I have been downloading new books furiously. Reading 1 - 2 new books a week? I am refreshed, restored and inspired. It makes sense. 

Every Friday or Saturday morning I go to therapy. The last few weeks I have noticed how much I have grown. I'm starting to think about dating again. I didn't have any panic attacks last week. I'm smiling at ordinary things. It makes perfect sense. 

Being involved in church for me is sometimes hard - especially in a Single's Ward. I often feel lonely and lost. However, when I'm at church and focusing on my relationship with Heavenly Father, I am finally FULL. My testimony is strengthened and life begins to make more sense in general. THIS makes perfect sense. 

Trust yourself. Don't let outside forces tell you what you already know. Use your inner voice (it's even stronger accompanied by the Spirit).


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