Monday, July 20, 2015

Tid-Bits of Joy

1. It's been about six months since I decided to give up dating and focus on me. I honestly feel like a new person. Each day I find joy discovering the little pieces of who I am. I'm happy, calm and full of light. Even though work days can be tough, I'm learning to find the joy in all that I do. I am so blessed.   

2. Last night mom, dad, Mary, Michael and I went out to dinner. After dinner they asked me to be Jonah's Godmother. I stupidly asked: "WHO IS THE GODFATHER?!!?" to which they replied, "whoever you marry." 

"Are you sure? You pick me? I get Jonah if anything happens? Over mom and dad? Over Michael's mom?" 

They were both so calm and sweet, they just nodded and smiled. I started BAWLING. Can you even imagine how much love and faith it takes to give someone such a responsibility? Then they gave me this sweet necklace. I will treasure it always. 

3. Mary just had a doctor's appointment and Jonah could come any day now. He is about seven pounds and has tons of hair. I am so unbelievably excited to meet him. He is going to fill our lives with such joy. 
4. I just signed up for the 21 Day Fix and bought some chocolate Shakeology so stay tuned for details on the meal plans, work outs, etc. I am so excited about all of these changes! 

5. There are some really crazy changes coming up in my life. Some I will share, others I will not. I am just glad to be in this season of my life, finding beauty every day, changing, growing and embracing life.


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