Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Conception Story

You little stinker - you're STILL going to read this blog post even though the title of it is "my conception story"?! Before I send my mother into an arrhythmia or lose followers - CALM DOWN. It's not THAT bad. It's just an embarrassing story that involves my crazy papa (as so many of my embarrassing stories do).

When I was about 16 years old, dad and I took a little detour home from school (try having your dad as your math teacher btw) and stopped at our local bank. He was depositing a check with the teller, because back in those days you had to do this in a physical bank. Weird, huh? He started talking to the lady at the counter, because my dad tends to be friendly and talk to strangers wherever he goes. He noticed a picture of her and her husband in front of a quaint little hotel on her desk. 

"Oh, the Hassayampa Inn!" he exclaimed loudly. "That's where this one was conceived - on our first anniversary!" he added, nudging me. 

I felt the eyes of everyone in the bank, customers and employees, upon me as their collective roar of laughter filled my ears. I'm sure I turned red from my toes to my cheeks as everyone laughed and laughed as my embarrassment. I shrunk down into the deep abyss, vowing to forget that moment. Ironically, it is forever etched into my memory.

And that is how I know when and where I was conceived. Please, Lord, protect and spare me from all other details. 
My place of conception - the Hassayampa Inn. A magical place.

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