Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Time I Went to Speed Dating

Sometimes I muster up all of my courage and go to events I normally wouldn't go to. It was actually one of my goals this year to be braver and I have to say, I'm doing a great job! Last night I went to speed dating with a group of people I've never met before. Here's how some of the conversations went.

Young man: "Do you snore?" this is the first thing he said to me. I'm flustered.
Me: "Uhhh a little..." 
Young man: "Sorry, it's just important information for me."

Young man: "OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TEETH!!!" Young man is obviously and painfully gay. I smile and proceed to be more open and candid with him than anyone. Such is my curse. 

Young man: "Tell me something random. Oh, why did you buy that ring?"
Me: "Because it has a hidden Mickey in it. SEE?!!?" I think I terrify young man.

Me: "I work for Make-A-Wish. If you could have a wish, what would you pick?"
Young man: "I would go to New Zealand to visit all of the Lord of the Rings sites."
I think I fell in love with young man but I don't think he believed me that it was my wish too. Hmm..

Young man: "How often do you cuss?"
Me: "Um sometimes in the car... or if I hurt myself..."
Young man: "Yeah, I cuss all the time."

Young man: "Star Wars or Star Trek?"
Me: "Is that even a question? Star Wars."
Young man: "Oh, I like Star Trek." Awkward silence.

I met about thirty men. I was all sweaty and shaky by the end, but I think I did pretty well, all awkwardness aside. 


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Ali Mills said...

Hahahahahaha Star Wars all the way!

Although I do enjoy the new Star Trek movies ;)