Monday, January 26, 2015

Products I'm Crushing On

Through my frequent blog-stalking/Internet scouring skills, I have come to find quite a few products that I know and love. Right now I"m crushing on these:

1. Lokai bracelets

Injected in the black bead is mud from the Dead Sea. In the white beads are water from the top of Mount Everest. The highest and lowest points on the earth. So whether you're feeling on top of the world or down on your luck, these Lokai bracelets remind you to stay humble, hopeful and keep moving forward. You can have balance in your life. 10% of all proceeds go back. 

I just bought one of these for myself and a friend. Aren't they fantastic? I love the message. 

2. Better Life Bags

Better Life Bags are handmade, customized purses. A percentage of the profits go back to low income entrepreneurs in developing countries. 

I just discovered these a few months ago. I haven't bought one yet (they're on the pricey end of things) but I love them so much. I 

3. The Shine Project bracelets

It's probably no secret I LOVE the Shine Project and all Ashley does. Right now I'm adoring the Valentine's day bracelets! 

4. Asos dresses

Okay, they're expensive... but you can find good deals if you search diligently. I now own four Asos dresses and they're fabulous.

5. Shirt

This one might be a shameless plug for a certain organization I work for, but come on! They're so cute!


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