Monday, June 9, 2014

Life is Good.

Can we talk about how GREAT life has been lately?! I think 98% of it can be attributed to the fact that I'm going through the temple on June 21st and I am a current temple recommend holder. Annnd I get to go through this temple here, AKA a castle with my best friend. So I'm pretty darn excited.

Also, these past few weeks have been filled with fun. 

1. I hosted a Threads party at my home last Saturday and the lovely Ashley from the Shine Project came to inspire us all! I also got some cute bracelets out of the deal.

2. I saw Les Miserables at the Phoenix theatre TWICE in two weeks (because I'm obsessive like that), once with my friend Alyson and once with my momma.

3. This past weekend mom and I went to see the Phoenix Symphony play classic Disney songs and there was even a sing-a-long portion - be still my heart. You better believe I was belting out every word.

4. I'm not sure if this is a win or not, but I cut a little length off of my hair and it's now a much lighter color with a red tinge to it.

5. Celebrated Mother's Day with the movie Belle (go see it!), Zin Burger and lots of quality time. Can you tell my mom and I are best friends?!

6. Celebrated my dear friend Caley's 26th birthday at True Food Kitchen in North Scottsdale with some other dear friends (love you Brodie and Jonathan!)

7. Did a little dog-sitting for my friend Britni which included some mayhem, good stories and lots of good puppy cuddles.

8. Got a teensy bit obsessive about re-decorating my desk.

9. Spent lots of time with my Ellie-poo.

10. Re-watched the entire Sherlock series (I cannot get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch) with Amy.

It's been a great past few months! I'm excited for what's coming up around the corner as well, including a trip to the ice cream capital of the world (Le Mars, Iowa, in case you were wondering), San Diego and a week long stay at my papa's cabin in Colorado. Life is good. I am blessed.


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