Friday, June 21, 2013

Dating Sucks

You guys, I'm pretty sure there's a sign on me I'm unaware of that reads: "Do not date. No really. DON'T DATE THIS WOMAN."

I'm so stinking tired of everything related to dating. I'm tired of crushes that don't work out. I'm tired of set ups and awkward dates. I'm tired of rejection, of sadness. I'm tired of the games. 

Lately, everything has been so frustrating in my personal life that I just can't stand it anymore. And I know you're not supposed to compare yourself to anyone else but I see these people getting married and half the time I think, "wow, you are WAY too young and barely know this person, you really should NOT be getting married" and the other half of the time I'm super jealous... because that is what I want.

Here's the thing. I'm really fun, sweet, cute and normal. I have such a strong testimony, a great job and lots of solid life experiences. And yet... the boys stay as far as they can away from me. 

I know all of this sounds really bitter, but it's mainly just frustration at my life. Don't worry, I'll get it together. I'm going to focus on the amazing parts of my life and keep doing what I do. But for right now... I'm super annoyed.



Ali Mills said...

Whitney I'm so sorry you feel this bad :( I think you're wonderful and soon that guy will find you or yu'll find him and all your dreams will come true!

Stephanie said...

Girl, I totally feel this way sometimes, but don't have the heart to say it and feel like I have no one to tell because the people I want to say it to are A) married or B) in a serious relationships. Then I really don't want their sympathy, like, "Don't worry Steph, you'll find someone someday." Yeah, right, easy for you to say. But I bite my lip and nod. Thanks for this honest post. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Some days, I tell ya. :)