Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Because I Miss Disney & Because I Love Princesses

First of all, why the heck are people talking about Fall like it's really approaching quickly? It's 115 degrees outside today and Fall is the last thing I'm thinking about. I'm a big believer in keeping seasons separated from one another so introducing boots, scarves and pumpkin too early is just annoying. Don't even try to make me watch Christmas movies out of season.
Also, I signed up and paid the fee for my Half Marathon! My first day of official training was yesterday and it went so well! It scares me to think that I can barely run a mile now but in six months I will hopefully be running 13.1. Tips are appreciated!! 
I've been thinking a lot about fairy tales lately and trying to remember that I'm holding out for my own. To inspire me I decided to post pictures of my favorite Disney princesses (Belle, Ariel & Rapunzel). Cause that's just how I roll. Have a great Tuesday!
Source: bing.com via Jessica on Pinterest
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Source: bing.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: bing.com via Jessica on Pinterest
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Brooklyn McKenna said...

I LOVE all those pictures!! :) I'm missing Disney a lot!

katilda said...

When i started training for my half marathon i couldn't run a mile either! By biggest tip is....don't quit. It's really true what they say about it getting easier. Once your body and lungs get in shape, you'll hit a groove around 3 or 4 miles and suddenly you'll be running 6 or 7 like it ain't no thang. I promise...scout's honor. Just don't skip any runs and you'll be more than fine! Baby steps and your bod will never know what hit it :) Also....get good shoes. Treat injuries carefully. Wear sequins.