Monday, March 5, 2012

The ABC's of Me

I'm not going to lie to you, I had a rough weekend. And when I'm having a hard time I tend to shrink inside my shell and shut the world out. So if you didn't hear from me... that's why. Just give me time and I'll be fine. Thank goodness for moms.

Age and/or Anniversary: 23
Bedsize: Queen and somehow I take up the entire bed... marriage is gonna be rough one day.
Chocolate: Dark. Nom nom.
Dessert: I'm obsessed with almost all desserts... anything chocolately is my favorite though.
Ethnic background: Ancestors hail from all over Europe... mostly Germany, England and Ireland, though.
Fear: The shamu tank at Sea World. Terrifying.
Graduation from high school and/or college: In 2006 and 2009. BA in Journalism/PR.
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ. Not many of us are natives but I am!
Instruments I play: None, dang it.
Job title: Corporate Alliances Coordinator
Kids: None yet...
Live: Scottsdale
Middle name: Anne
Natural hair color: An ashy/gray light brown
Overnight hospital stays: None of those yet, thank goodness
Pastime: reading, running, watching TV, writing my little heart out
Quote: too many to count! here's just one for today:

"The joys of the outer life are found by those who are bold about embracing and acting on the joys of their inner life." - Jackson Kiddard

Right or left handed: righty
Siblings: one younger sister
T.V. Show: Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, Bones. Those are my three faves right now!
Underwear: I wear it..?
Vacation spot I love: Disneyland or World
Weather right now: High 80's today! Helloooo AZ.
X-Rays: just the teethies
Yummy meal I make: Bubble up chicken enchiladas yumm


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shirley elizabeth said...

Post your enchilada recipe!