Thursday, January 26, 2012

True Beauty.

Almost every day I struggle with not feeling beautiful.
Sometimes I feel fat or unworthy... other times I just feel plain.
All the women who are reading this out there will understand.

Sometimes I even think about plastic surgery and that getting it will help me feel better about myself.

A few days ago I saw this video and it really inspired me.
How often do we stop to look at other women and truly observe their "true beauty"?
More importantly, how often do we notice it in ourselves?

For the last few nights I have prayed for nothing other than to be able to see the true beauty in myself, to look past my exterior and find the diamonds deep within. Heavenly Father is so kind. He is helping me to slowly see who I truly am. Though I know it will take years and years to realize my eternal worth and recognize my true beauty, today I am proud to say I am starting my journey.

I am truly beautiful.
Within me is a heart that beats to serve others.
I am so cognizant of the needs of those around me.
Though I often fall, I am always striving to be better.
My heart seeks good and righteous things.
I have a strong desire to change the world through my words.

I love. I shine. I believe.



shirley elizabeth said...

You've got the regular type of beauty too, fyi.

Laura Darling said...

This is awesome.