Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Weekend {in pictures}

Okay so I realize I'm posting this on a Wednesday, but gimme a break. I thankfully enjoyed a three day weekend and spent all day yesterday getting back into the groove of my week.

Anyways, just a few photos to share with you all.

Thanks to Pinterest again for your genius ideas! Shower curtains on hangers to separate your scarves. They were driving me nuts just thrown into a bin.

Friday's outfit: Old Navy, thank you for your genius staple items. And thanks to Savers for your bright gold belts that I try to incorporate into every outfit.

My mom gave me a MINI-CUPCAKE MAKER for Christmas. Genius, right? So I had to get the good stuff... Trader Joe's yellow cake mix. SOOOO delicious.

They were ridiculously easy to make. Silly me - I forgot to get a picture of them done but everyone loved them! I even made homemade frosting. What a little baker.

I don't even know. I put on red lipstick and took pictures of myself lookin' sassy. Then I decided to include one in this post. Yep.

Frozen yogurt before Beauty and the Beast!

My cousins and sister :) What a PERFECT evening!

Enjoy your Wednesday love bugs!


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Jessica said...

I need to do that scarf thing asap - mine are currently tangled up in a drawer. Not a good situation!