Monday, December 12, 2011

I Miss It

I miss it so much it hurts sometimes. I miss waking up in a haze, tired from the work day before and putting my costume on, crisp from being washed at costuming. I miss opening the door and feeling that thick moisture in the air, walking past small ponds and brightly colored apartment doors to make my way to
the bus.

That bus ride... I miss listening to my favorite songs on my ipod while still listening to several conversations in different languages. The Epcot bus was always so lively (sometimes too much so). I miss walking through costuming and finding myself ba
ckstage where the extra Test Track cars were scattered. The night shift would be leaving by then, exhausted from their night of work.

I would stand a little straighter and emerge on-stage, ready for any questions or bombardments from guests. As
I made my way to the west side of the park, many would stop me with their maps and ask me for directions, show times, or any number of things. I loved interacting with them. I loved answering each and every question and putting a smile back on their faces.

I miss clocking in, not knowing what position I would go to. I would grumble and groan when I got Unload or Turtle Talk, but I would always love it in the end.

I miss that building. I miss the massive aquarium,
filled with some of my favorite animals. The dolphins were my favorite. We often mused that they must like our brightly colored costumes, because they would follow us up and down the
tank as we ran by them. I miss the sound of the soft Nemo music playing, and the water dancing lightly around you everywhere you looked.

I miss the smiles on children's faces when Crush would call on them. I miss spending time in the Turtle Room and seeing how the magic worked backstage.

I miss the friendships. Nothing will bring you closer to your coworkers than enduring 12+ hours of endless guest interaction.

Most of all, I miss those nights at Epcot out at greeter
. My view was perfect. I could see the Seas entrance and Spaceship Earth's glow in the moonlight as I listened to the music from the Fireworks show across the park. Suddenly, the sky would light up with beautiful patches of dazzling fireworks. My very own show every single night.

I miss walking across the park when all the guests had gone, enjoying the calm tranquility, and listening to the park music.

I really do miss it.



Lauren said...

I do too! It is funny, I was talking to my husband and I can't believe in January it will be 8 years since I left to go to FL! I talk about it like it was yesterday! I hope I don't forget all those memories you wrote because i remember them well too!

Ali said...

Girl I miss the Disney magic too ;) I was so sad when they closed my store and I lost the magic :( Working at Disneyland was a great experience for sure and I hear you about missing it. I miss my crazy co-workers ;) Luckily Facebook helps me keep in touch with them.