Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Monday

Well kiddos, the Internet in my house is down.
Therefore, instead of starting a super awesome week with a Weekly Writing Challenge, you get a jumble of my thoughts instead, scribbled during breaks at work and posted through my phone. Here we go.

1. It's day 6 of my 30-day Jillian Michael's kick. And... I love it. It's amazing! I feel great, might even kick it up to level 2 this evening.

2. Made a HUGE mistake and started re-reading Harry Potter. Good-bye next few weeks of my life.

3. Next week I get to meet one of our biggest corporate sponsors during my FIRST EVER work trip! I'm going to Minnesota for a day. :)

4. My birthday is in 2 weeks!

5. My bestie Abby is coming in town this weekend and I couldn't be more excited.

6. I wish my hair would cooperate on a regular basis. I swear, people at work must think I'm trying to be bohemian on purpose but I just HATE doing my hair in the morning. What results is a long, tangled mess. Ew.

7. Jamba Juice is the greatest creation known to man-kind. I want one for din din...

8. Somebody PLEASE tell me I'm not old.

9. I'm lightening up my hair a bit soon. No protests please. (for some reason people love my hair dark and long...)

10. Have a happy Monday kiddos!

What's new in YOUR life? I wanna hear it!


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