Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Secret & Not-So-Realistic Dreams

I'll totally admit it. Some of my dreams/aspirations are completely off-base, irrational and WAY out there. I just wanted to share a few with you today, in case you didn't realize how weird I was already.

- to rock out with Adam Lambert in front of thousands of people

- to be a famous Country Western star

- have a six pack in the matter of a month

- win American Idol

- go to Hogwarts and ace everything

- look good with blonde hair

- learn all of the actual Jedi lightsaber moves (this one could definitely happen...)

- be a movie star (I apparently want to be ridiculously famous???)

- have David Tutera plan my wedding someday

- marry a British man.



1 comment:

Mrs. Ali said...

Um about your Jedi needs.....I definitely have 2 lightsabers in my possession.... I have a kind of obsession with Star Wars hahahaha ;)

So I have the equipment, you just need a master to show you the moves!
(if you lived in Cali, I'd have a name and number of a guy for you - worked with him in Tomorrowland and he knew EVERYTHING)