Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Want it to Rain

I want it to rain so much.

To me, there is nothing so perfect as a dark sky, spraying perfect pellets of clear water onto the earth below.

Is there anything greater than this phenomenon devised by God?
I can be at peace. I curl up in my biggest, oldest gray sweater and socks, snuggle Ellie and prop up a book as I sip hot cocoa. It wouldn't feel like a hot Arizona summer anymore. I would escape to another time and place altogether as I read the select words of a timeless story.

Then, it seems for a time that the earth knows how I feel. Mother Nature feels the breaking of my heart, the sorrow deep within that I only let out through my words in my secret journal. She knows my heart. She knows my troubles, challenges, concerns and worries about the future.
Sometimes I don't know where my life is going. I continually strive to make good life decisions, but I fall short... as we all do.
It's all about dancing in sunlight and storms... making the best of every situation we have. I'm so grateful, so happy - I've never been so blessed. And yet, here I am begging for rain, an escape into the troubles of my heart.

Do you have something laying on your mind? Something pressing on your heart so hard sometimes you feel like you can't breathe?
Take time to let those feelings flow through you. It's good to cry. It's good to ache. But make sure it's but a moment in your day, and go on to dance in that sunlight or that rain.

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Erin said...

This post was beautiful..I might read this one over and over as it is such a great reminder. I love the rain as well..I'll be praying you get a beautiful rainy day soon!