Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Wore: Saturday Thrifting

Oh, HEY everyone!
What have I been doing this weekend, you ask?
Well... there may be a marathon of Pride and Prejudice (4 hour BBC version, mind you) going on over here.
I may or may not have seen Harry Potter tonight and been pretty thrilled with it.
And I definitely went thrifting all afternoon w/my friend Sarah!!

Proud of me??
I've been trying to get into thrift store shopping for soo long and it seems I hit the jackpot today - will certainly go back!

Anyways, I thought I was wearing a semi-cute outfit while I shopped so I thought I'd share ;)

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange. Shorts: Ross. Shoes: Target. Belt: Thrifted.

I made Mary take some photos of me outside... she posed me :)

Too cool for school!!

Thanks for reading!



Aleks said...

i LOVE plaid!!
your outfit is so cute!

Val said...

Super cute.