Monday, July 18, 2011

Table Turmoil

So I have a semi-ridiculous/funny story for you all today.
As some of you know, CC and I have been looking for a dining room table for quite some time now. We decided to wait to purchase one until we had a little more money, and this month we finally did! I checked Craigslist every day for deals, hoping something spectacular would pop up.

Well, today it did! A table showed up for $150 which included eight chairs, two leafs and was a beautiful deep brown color. I jumped at the opportunity and they even said they would deliver!

So, CC and I waited patiently in our living room for the deliverers to arrive. They called and said they were here. We freaked out with excitement, grabbed our shoes and ran out the door.

CC turns around.
"Was the door locked?" she asks.

I turn around slowly and try to open it. No luck.

"We locked ourselves out!" I panic. "Our money for the table is inside! Our phones... ELLIE!!"

At this point the people have started bringing the chairs up on our balcony and we are at a loss as to what to do. To make things worse, a HUGE dust storm is looming.

I got a brilliant idea. Ask the guy to break into my house!!


He grabs a key or something and picks the lock easily.
Needless to say, this makes me nervous.

So, CC and I avoided the dust storm and near death AND we got the cutest table ever! Pictures soon.

Ellie boo and I before I left for church.


Dress: Buffalo Exchange. Sweater: Last Chance.


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