Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OH, How Pinteresting!

So, I've recently discovered Pinterest. And it may be the most incredible website to ever face the world wide web. Not even exaggerating.

There I get most of my cooking, baking, crafting, fashion and decoration ideas. Not to mention the future wedding planning!! (haha).

Today I'm linking up (FIRST LINKY PARTY YESSS) to the Vintage Apple.

Anddd... without much further ado... here are my favorites this week!

Safe to eat cookie dough for party dips.

I die. Guest book fingerprints instead of signatures. What a beautiful piece to hang in your home together!

DIY: ruffle necklace. Trying soon.

These frames make me sooo happy... I want them someday.

Sometimes I dream about having two wedding dresses... one for the ceremony and one for the party. This is the dress for the party...

Rainbow cake in a jar!! I'm making for my bday. :)

SOO smart and SOO easy. I needed an easy way to organize all of my ribbon!

I'm obsessed with these shoes... seriously. Need them. Now.

Hope you enjoyed!!


1 comment:

shirley elizabeth said...

Oh wow I LOVE thefingerprint balloons! And since I've already had my wedding, I think I want to put a blank one up on my wall and have ink pads for guests that come by? Just might be genius.

Also, if you want a party wedding dress just get a party one. It's very likely you'll be wearing your temple dress for the ceremony anyway. Most brides do.