Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ellie: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I'm sooo excited to be linking up with one of my favorite people today!

Ashley is one of my greatest friends and I love her to death. She inspires me in so many ways and I love hanging out with her - she's amazing. The Shine Project completely blows my mind, please check it out!! Anyways, today she asked us to share our pet stories and of course I have a TON!

Dogs have always been an important part of my life, since I was very little. I think they are just the best things ever and I can't imagine my life without one. So it was no surprise (well, to some it was...) when I adopted a puppy last May.

I fell in love with Ellie when I first met her. She sat in my lap on the drive home and just snuggled up to me. I think I let her sleep in her kennel for three hours before putting her in bed with me, never to put her in the kennel again.

Some fun Ellie facts:

Ellie's original name was "Jasmine," but it just didn't suit her. I knew I wanted a Disney name for her, but wasn't sure which one. I later picked a rather obscure character - Ellie from UP :)I think it fits her perfectly. I love when Ellie in the movie is little and a dorky adventurer. Soo my little girl.

Ellie is easily entertained. Among her favorite toys are toilet paper rolls, ice cubes and huge stuffed animals. Her favorite people in the world are my roomie CC, her grandma and grandpa (my mom and dad) and her Aunt Mary. She's obsessed!

She thinks that every cat on the face of the earth should be her best friend. She seriously runs up to them and acts sooo excited. She tries to give them kisses and play. She dosen't do this with dogs, rather she just barks at them non-stop... I think it's so funny how obsessed with cats she is.

She loves to hit my face with her paw when she is super excited about something. Then she kisses my face to say sorry when I say "ow Ellie, your nails!"

When you're on the computer, she refuses to be anywhere but directly in your lap, blocking your view.

I absolutely love you Ellie! My life wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks for being my "practice child." :)

Love, Momma.


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Rebecca said...

I love all your pictures of your sweet furbabe! I'm enjoying seeing everyone's pet stories! I linked up today with The Shine Project too :)