Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Important.

Warning: this is a sad story. But maybe, just maybe, you need to read it.

One of my wish kids passed away two weeks ago and I just found out today. His mother writes on a CaringBridge site for him, and her latest entry detailed her sorrow. He was an angel. Such a sweet, hopeful boy. His one wish was to have a "spy themed" bedroom makeover. He never had his own furniture or room before. At 9 years old, after having one brain tumor successfully removed, doctors found another tumor (quadrupled in size)in his sweet little head.

His parents, after paying for countless treatments, had little money. They moved in with grandma and all three shared a room. They decided to give up their room for Memphis, so that he could have his wish come true.

I love this family. I perused thousands of pictures online and saw the love they had for each other. When Memphis lost his hair in chemo, his dad and grandpa shaved their heads too.

After discovering the second tumor growing rapidly, doctors gave him a month to live on this earth, and we moved his wish to rush status.

Memphis went in store to shop for his furniture and the photos are darling. His mom cuddled him on his new bed and played with him as they shopped. In his last month of life this sweet little boy lost his vision, speaking ability and walking ability. The pain he experienced during that last month, we will never know. He never had a chance to express it. Little Memphis slipped into Heaven one night not too long ago, leaving his family devastated.

I haven't stopped crying all morning. This little boy has touched my life in so many ways, and I never even had the opportunity
to meet him.

What a beautiful reminder that FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER.

And what a blessing it is to be able to work for this BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING, HOPEFUL organization.

Even though you don't know the family, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I know his mother is aching inside and out from her loss.


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Lauren said...

my heart hurts.