Friday, June 24, 2011

A Warm Fuzzy from BMJ

Remember when I told you about a note that Britni wrote me?
Well, it was just too sweet not to share!

What I love about this girl is she is just so positive, sweet and has such a kind heart. She does so many things that just make my day.

Here is her note:

10 Reasons Why I Like Whitney Willis
1. She smiles A LOT
2. She has really good style
3. She makes BOMB cake pops
4. She is really, really nice
5. She is crafty!
6. Her hair is pretty
7. She is secretly a nerd (but is not very secret about it)
8. She accepts that I was in a sorority -- and likes me anyways!
9. She makes me laugh
10. She has a GREAT heart

Love, Britni

Well, wasn't that a warm fuzzy?!

I will treasure that note always :)
Let some one know you care with a note!


1 comment:

Britni Morgan said...

Awwww I'm so happy you shared this! You gave me a warm fuzzy note too, and I will also cherish it always!