Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vaca & Crafts

I'm baaaack!!

And, wow, what a MUCH needed vacation it was.
It's funny how you go somewhere and realize what you really miss about home. Then when you're home you realize what you miss about vacation!

Things I miss about Florida when I am in Arizona:

Disney World
The beach
Memories, Friends
Being tan
Curly beach hair

Things I miss about Arizona when I am in Florida:

Dry heat
Family, friends
Crush (my car), driving
The condo
Having ALL of my clothes handy

Oh, and get excited cause this week I'm making:

Pinwheels for my vase (this will make sense when you see it)
Crafty jars
Red velvet cake w/cream cheese frosting
Greek Salad

Tutorials/photos coming soon!! :)



wllsmichelle said...

I am so happy you went and even happier you are back!

shirley elizabeth said...

Ha! I read the title and wondered, "why would she talk about cows?"
I'm a little slow sometimes.