Friday, April 22, 2011

What I Wish I Could Tell 14-Year-Old Whitney

I've been thinking about the young, naive 14-year-Whitney lately. Who even knows why! But I thought of a few things I would like to tell her if I had the chance:

  • You will NOT be marrying that boy you're obsessing over. So stop signing your name with his last name, you creep. He's not gonna turn out good. And please write something else in your journal other than news of him. I would like to know what happened my freshman year of high school.

  • Why in the heck would you get a PERM? you look sicknast. Stop it right now.

  • Don't worry about not feeling talented. Those "talents" that are so revered in high school will not mean much later. You will find you have special talents of your own.

  • Have more fun! Don't have so much anxiety over grades. You're going to get a scholarship and you're going to do well in college, so stop worrying your poor little life away! Straight A's are not as important as you think they are.

  • The friends you have in high school will most likely NOT be your friends now. Cherish the time you have with them but remember relationships change.

  • Be nice to dad. Don't ask him to do homework with you too late, cause you get cranky past seven. Gratefully accept his help and THANK HIM!

  • Yes, Mary will always be your best friend/enemy/sister/person you understand better than anyone. Be patient with her.

  • EFY will change your life. Prepare for it.

  • Braces are forthcoming... eww good luck.

  • Don't worry about being popular or being liked. They already do like you!

  • You are going to BUST out of your shell within the next few years.

  • Don't wear shirts that say "Boy Scouting" or "I heart nerds."

  • Embrace life!

As you can tell, I was a total dweeb.

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Caley and Noah said...

ahhhh hahahaha I love this Whitney! I love the "I would like to know what else happened Freshman year!"
I didn't think you were a nerd! And Freshman year was when we had dance together!!! :D good times