Monday, April 18, 2011

Premature Bridezilla Syndrome

For those of you who don't know, I am semi- to

ridiculously wedding obsessed.

I honestly don't even understand where this obsession came from.

I asked my mom and she said I wasn't like this

at all when I was little...

I actually think I started really getting into

weddings when I was 21ish.

I decided then that it wasn't embarrassing to plan my wedding with a groom. Or fiance. Or boyfriend. Umm.

I am always swooning over details: dresses, magazines, colors and wedding blogs. I started a running document that links my favorite web sites together.

Even after telling you this I am not embarrassed.

I embrace this weird, quirky obsession.

Here are a few more tidbits:

  • I am absolutely DYING to cut my hair short. However I need it long "for the wedding." So I grow it out. Yes, I am talking about my future wedding that we have no idea of a date, man, etc...

  • Disney related Mickey and Minnie wedding items are on my list to buy someday. Don't you worry, I will definitely be sporting the Minnie ears/veil headpiece.

  • If some one I know is close to getting engaged, I get more excited than they are for planning/the engagement/everything in general. I think I scare them.

  • When people think of weddings, they think of me. Let's be honest here.

  • I save money each month for the "wedding fund."

  • My mom cuts out ideas/inspiration for me whenever she finds it.

And, amidst all this, I have come to this conclusion:

When I find him, none of this will matter. The wedding won't matter. The colors won't matter. And I won't be a Bridezilla. All that will matter is HIM and our MARRIAGE and our HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Always the romantic.

Until then, I'll continue to obsess over the little things.

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