Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Help Me!!

Ellie. Is. Driving. Me. Nuts.

Seriously, folks, I need help/inspiration/puppy training advice.

She has been so unbelievably naughty lately and I think it's because I haven't been home as often. I've been so busy with work, working out, friends, moving and cleaning that we haven't been together as much.

She is definitely taking it out on me.

Don't be fooled by her sweet appearance! This girl is a stinker!

Ellie completely DESTROYED my carpet at the old apartment. I hyperventilate even thinking about replacing it and it just makes me so sad. I feel like a bad mom! I obviously haven't trained her right if she isn't pottytrained by now. No matter how many times I take her out, she always manages to have accidents. It is wearing on my nerves.

I also haven't slept in weeks because she wakes up ten times a night BARKING SO LOUD at NOTHING!!! She is not being good with new people and she has no leash etiquette.

I realize this is all probably my fault and I have no right to complain. I've had Ellie for a year and she's brought lots of light and love into my life... it's just getting hard as my life gets busier. I feel guilty for not having the time to spend with her. Maybe I made a huge mistake but I have to live with the consequences. I really do love her so much... I just feel bad... like I've been a horrible mom. :(

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