Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Celebrate. Wish. Love. {see above}

Oh hey.

I just can't hold it in anymore...

I am happy AND excited AND ecstatic. Why?

Cause I get to have TWO fun-filled Disney weekends in a row!!

This weekend = Disney on Ice with cousins and sister and mom.

Call me a nerd, but I just adore Disney on Ice.

I will definitely be sporting my pink princess shirt, don't you even worry.

And next weekend? DISNEYLAND WITH MADRE.

My good friend Kathleen had two extra comp tickets that expired at the end of April... so she gave them to me!!

We're driving there next Friday (a day off, wooo) and spending ALL DAY Saturday at my most favorite place!!

I just know it will be so fun. I really need a short getaway and mommy & me time.

Can't wait for Space Mountain, Mickey pretzels, dole whip, the smell of Pirates, waiting in line with my best friend, pictures, Mickey Mouse and MAGICCCC. Park is open from 8 am to midnight and you better believe we'll be there the whole time.

A dream is a wish your heart makes!!


Miss Amy said...

haha!!! you make me smile, miss!!! I'm happy you're going to your happy place!!! :) enjoy!

Kathleen said...

So glad you are going! Think of all of us while you're there! Love you xoxo!

wllsmichelle said...

I can't wait. You made me tear up...

Lauren said...

yea!! I went to Disney on Ice like two years ago and it was the Disneyland show. They did the haunted mansion, small world, etc. It was really cool!