Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Appreciation & Love

First of all, congratulations to my dearie Kathleen on being accepted into the professional internship program at Epcot (Guest Relations). Girl, you do me proud!! You will be the best PI Disney has ever seen and I love you!! You're almost graduated and that makes me happy. You're going to love it! If I have any advice for you it is to follow your heart, which I think you're already doing by accepting this wonderful opportunity. I love you!

Today was "Administrative Professionals Day."
I came into work to find a sweet present ($50 Visa gift card!) and a card filled with love and appreciation from my team.
THEN the senior leadership team personally brought me a Edible Arrangements bouquet and I nearly burst out crying! Do you see why I love my job? Do you?! :)

I am also starting to swoon about the royal wedding happening on Friday (2 a.m. my time... lame). I love princesses, England, tradition and love! I put up a poster in my cube "HAPPY PRINCESS WEEK" and I hope to make Royal Wedding cupcakes. Don't be jealous.

Life really is going well for me.

I'm very, very happy about so many things!

Details soon? Who knows? :) :) :)


Kathleen said...

Thank you so much for those lovely words Whitney! I love you too and am so glad your happy! :)

PS. I wanna see pictures of your new place!

wllsmichelle said...

Glad you had a great day!
It is good to be appreciated:)
Tell Kathleen I am so happy for her.