Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Night Happiness

I finished a craft on my list tonight!
I made a frame for Britni, the other coordinator at work and perhaps one of the sweetest/funniest/most awesome people I know.
(I hope she doesn't see this before tomorrow...)

Here it is!

Okay so I'm not a crafting genius.
Or even very good at crafts at all!
But I'm learning, and I'll get there, don't you worry.

I like it though :)
I think it will be a cute addition to her desk, and she can put any picture in she wants.

I cut out lots of pieces of scrapbook paper,
modge-podged together (this took forever!)
And added the "Wish" stickers.

I even finished ANOTHER project.
But I'll tell you about that in a week or two.
Some one else has to see it first!

And who says you can't look sassy while crafting?

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