Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crafting Update

I find myself LOVING my crafty/creative goals.
There is something about creating something that is just soo theraupetic.
What have I done so far?

I wrote three handwritten letters and sent them off. I can't wait until my friends open their little surprise! Two more to write :)

Found a pillow design for Ellie's bed to try this weekend

Halfway finished Suzanne's quote board (more on this when I'm finished this weekend!)

I'm meeting with Nikki this weekend for scrapbooking tips, frame making fun and flower clips!

As you can see, I have a lot going on this weekend. It's three day weekend and I need to stay busy so I figure this is the perfect way!

Who's excited for pictures of my craftiness?! :)

Also new in Willis land...

My mom was nominated for TEACHER OF THE YEAR by the Tempe Diablos.

That is the highest honor they bestow! She is such an incredible teacher and an inspiration to me.

This year she also received her National Board Certification.

Is anybody else just blown away by this woman?

Check out my Facebook page for a video highlighting her teaching!

Also- keep on "following me" please! Top right!

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