Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Power of Words.

This morning a co-worker and I were talking about swimsuit season (quickly approaching).
She is thin. Thin and beautiful. And she started talking about how she needed to get in a little better shape. My response?
"Whatever! I looked in the mirror this morning and almost cried at my cottage cheese butt."
Now, while my retort may have been slightly hilarious and even held some truth (I am probably very much exaggerating), I shouldn't have said it.

That one negative comment has been weighing me down all day.
I keep thinking, "maybe that's totally true. Maybe I really am fat and disgusting."
Then I start to panic about swimsuit season.
My body is.not.perfect.
I am not skinny.
I am not a "typical beauty."
But I am me. And I NEED to find some way to love me.

I need to try harder to think positive thoughts and then have those thoughts reflect in my words/actions.
My idea to bounce back?
Wear bright red lipstick. My mom gave me some yesterday and I intend to sport it tomorrow and hopefully give a little pep to my step.

I need to remember that I am pretty, despite what my head is telling me.
I need to focus on more important things, like serving others.
Remember to love Y-O-U! Be a good example to me, please!


Miss Amy said...

girl. you're hot. gorgeous. seriously. Who wants to be a cookie cutter beauty? Not me. I am learning to love "me" too. Different, unique, whatever. Let me know how that red lipstick works! Sounds like a fabulous idea!! :)

Britni Morgan said...

YOU are beautiful too! Don't ever think otherwise!! P.S. Red lipstick makes me feel confident and sassy too, it ALWAYS works, so be sure to have some with you at ALL times :)