Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Musings of a Child at Heart/Old Woman

On Facebook today I mused:

"Sometimes I feel like I never want to grow up. Other times I feel like an 87-year-old woman. Isn't there some sort of in-between here?"

Well, it's just so true. Want to know why?

Reasons why I am still a child at heart:

  • My favorite movie of the moment is Tangled. I obsess over the songs/colors/characters constantly.

  • I go to Disneyland/World WAY too much. And I get WAY too excited when I'm there. It is still the most magical place to me :)
  • Sometimes I would rather play Barbies or Star Wars or house with a kid than spend an evening with any adult.
  • I name every random creature I see.

  • The littlest things make me overly happy, like sprinkles on my ice cream or extra tight hugs.

  • I will always, always, always be my parent's little girl.

    Reasons why I am an old woman:
  • I spend an extraordinary amount of time sleeping. Naps are like heaven to me. Yesterday I literally slept for fifteen hours and still felt like I could have dozed off forever.
  • The Golden Girls is one of my favorite TV shows. Enough said.
  • I would rather stay at home with Ellie than go out.
  • I am seriously b.l.i.n.d. it's so pathetic.
  • I always, always think I am some old unmarried lady and will eventually develop a dog hoarding behavior. Why does this sound delightful?
  • I feel like I have an old soul. I don't remember ever really being a teenager or a young adult... I feel like I skipped those phases and bounced right into old age. I also think I relate better to people who are older than me, not younger.
  • I often think I am sick or getting sick or have something wrong with me.

oh gosh. I'm crazy. :)

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