Friday, March 25, 2011


I don't know why I feel the need to share last night's dream with everyone, but mainly I just really want to make sure it's written down so I never forget it's randomness/ridiculousness/gloriousness.
So it started out in a Subway type restaurant on the beach. I was hanging out with a friend (I don't even know who) when two really tall, handsome guys walk in. Now, as most of you know, I have a thing for tall guys. And the taller of the two was hot-hot-hot. However, as they started to order their sandwiches I realized what total tools they were.
This curvy, shorter girl (think Jersey Shore girls) wearing almost no clothes was in front of them and the shorter guy kept saying rude comments about her body to which the taller guy laughed to . I got really upset and basically yelled at them and raged out of the store. This is where the storyline gets weird.
Skip to: taller, handsome guy and me holding hands and walking the pier. He had apparently apologized to me and was acting like a total gentleman. We kissed, flirted, held hands and were basically on an awesome date. I guess I was on vacation because in my dream it was apparent to me that I only had three days with him.
Suddenly, he tells me to jump on his back to ride piggyback along the beach. I do and he seriously runs faster than any human should be able to. He starts to spin until we're out of control, drops me and we both throw up purple stuff!?! And who happens to see us throwing up? Sue Sylvester. Yep, that's right.
Sue takes us into her office and starts yelling like we have done the most horrible thing ever. I guess this is reminiscent of the alcohol episode on Glee. Anyways, she forbids us from seeing each other.
But-- true love prevails! We sneak off together and where do we decide to spend our time? The Disney Store on the pier. He buys me a Mickey antennae ball. It really is true love!
Happy Friday :)

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