Sunday, January 2, 2011

Summing Up the Season

Well, the Willis' had a wonderful holiday! One of my favorite parts was going to see a dance show called "The Spirit of Christmas" at the Chandler Center for the Arts. All of these beautiful dancers from age 3-18 danced to Christmas songs and celebrated the season. I was enamored! I was also blessed to see it with family.

Ellie and I also spent the night at Nikki's for some good ole hair dyeing and movies! When Christmas rolled around we were able to spend four days at my parents. What a nice break!

For the past month I have been working NON-STOP on getting press for Breakfast with Santa at one of our restaurants. I attended about three of the events but finally got a chance to experience it as a guest with Sarah, mom and Mary. It was an entirely different experience and very magical! I felt like I was at Disney.

The girls with Santa! He told us great stories :)

Sarah learning about the secrets of candy canes...

We should be models for the restaurant. I'm just sayin...

Mom said it was the best breakfast EVER!

My momma :) I love her!

On Christmas day Mary and I both got a BIG surprise. As usual, we rolled out of bed, checked our stockings (full of goodies) and rushed downstairs. Well, I rushed. Mary isn't as into the whole Santa thing as I am. We got lots of fun gifts from Santa and then started to open other presents. Before we headed over to our neighbor's for a traditional Christmas breakfast dad said, "Hey, Mary, look under that couch." There was a laptop computer for her!!! She was so confused but loved it once she understood what it was hhaha. Then he told me to look under the other couch. "AN I-PAD!!!" I seriously jumped and screamed and almost cried. I wanted one soo bad!! What a great Christmas :)

Also, Santa has a thing for hiding gifts. Last year he hid my i-touch in a couch cushion. One year he hid my big bowl chair in the garage. And another he put a guitar on the roof. Funny how it's always my gifts... :)

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