Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabulous Find

So I'm on a new vintage kick. So last week when Sarah and I got together, we decided to hit up a vintage thrift store in town. I think every time I go I'll get a little better at finding gems, but this time I found a 50's dress!

It's long, bright & yellow and complete with belt!

It's even cuter on. I'm looking for some shoes to match. I was thinking red with white polka dots. What other colors would work?

Just a cute outfit!

In other news:
I am training for a 5k
I've been preparing a new healthy dish each week
I start my job on Monday
My hair is nice and dark
I'm crushin' :)

1 comment:

Miss Amy said...

love the dresses. love the hair!!!!! it looks so good dark :)