Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Short Week!

Ah! I wrote about half of this post yesterday and then got very distracted.

Random Monday/Tuesday!
  • It was a really, really good weekend for me. On Friday night I saw Harry Potter with Phylicia. (Want my full on movie critique? Didn't think so). Then I went out with Hannah to a HUGE party for Veronica's birthday. It was fun to see everyone since I haven't been out much the last few months. On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Overton's which was fun. Little to no drama. On Sunday I went to church with Staci and loved it!
  • It is a three day work week and it's ridiculous how giddy that makes me.
  • I may have decided what I want to do with my life. Key word: may. (I often change my mind but this feels like it will stick). This is definitely an inspired decision and would completely change my current course. The big downside is this decision would require quite a bit more schooling. But I'm willing to do anything Heavenly Father needs me to and I know it will make me happy. More on this later.
  • I can't wait to see Tangled on Saturday.
  • I have a personal space heater by my desk in the office. True Arizonan.
  • Christmas shopping gives me so much unnecessary anxiety. I worry about what to get, money, wrapping and always hope that the person will actually like my gifts! Oh gosh I gotta get shopping some more.
  • I look like some one ran me over with a truck today. Who knows why I decided to get into the office at 7:15? My hair is disgusting and I am still not sure about this outfit. Sigh!
  • I am going to Florida the first week in January with my cousin Phylicia! We are gonna visit HP world, go to Dworld and hit all my favorite Orlando hot-spots. I am so ridiculously excited right now. I needed something to look forward to.
  • Ellie got a new collar, tag and sweater. She looks absolutely adorable. And we are having a Christmas card photoshoot next week. I'm doing a Christmas e-card on the blog and sending the link to everyone. Be on the look out!
  • Last night I went running with Hannah and it was amazing. We went around Tempe Town lake... such a beautiful night and I feel great today!
  • I am applying for graduate school :) Finally decided!

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