Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Is Halloween

Well, it's Halloween! I wish that I was at Disneyland today enjoying all of the Halloween decorations, smells, feel and rides. Oh well!

So I wasn't planning on doing anything for Halloween this year. I know it's sad but I figured since I'm 22 I should probably stop dressing up. Which is a sad thought, because I really do love dressing up! (Sometimes I have issues with aging). But I decided I just had to dress up for our annual Pumpkins at the Peak event at my resort. So my awesome co-worker let me borrow her whole Sally get-up! (Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I am NOT a rag doll). I snapped a quick pic in the bathroom before I went out to the party but I'll post more pics as I get them! :)

I really liked my red hair. I have a semi-obsession with red hair and secretly dream of being a fiery redhead. Sigh. I also met a random girl and asked her to put the stitches on my mouth with my eyeliner. All in all, a fun night! I was wiped by the end of a very long work day.

So the next day was Saturday and that morning Staci and I made plans to go to the AZ Clean Party. We went last year and let me tell you this party is RIDICULOUS. It takes place in an airport hanger and basically it's just a huge dance party with gajillions of people and airplanes everywhere. It's really cool. I had no costume unfortunately so that morning I frantically ran out of the house to the Spirit store and had to pick from the scraps. I got a Minnie Mouse costume! I liked it okay.. hopefully I can use it another year too.

Once again I just have pics from my phone. I will be posting more pics later :)

I like getting all dressed up, wearing an excessive amount of makeup and feeling cute. I think next year I'll try to make up my own costume and keep it low key. I think tonight I'm going to my cousins house to watch a Halloween movie and maybe pass out candy. Happy Halloween!

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Miss Amy said...

you looked SO cute, both nights!!!! love it!!